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Recent Grads Still Out of Work? Is Laziness To Blame?

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You may want to buy a lottery ticket today. Why? Because this site is being updated after being rather inactive far too long and that can only mean that luck is on your side. As a site that I started as an alternative to therapy, I must say it’s no longer all that useful to me. Why? I found a decent job in my field and it’s been keeping my busier than I ever have been in my life. But I’m happy to see the comments section of this website exploding with people sharing their stories. Thanks to all for sharing their stories and a bigger thank you for keeping the site active and interesting during my absence.

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I’m a product of state education and as luring as private schools were with their perfectly manicured lawns and live-on-campus-drunken-sex-fests that seemed to attract many, I am deeply against private education unless you can truly afford (i.e. you have mega-bucks to burn). Why pay $30, 40, 50K for an education that is almost identifical to a state education, which comes at 1/3 the price of the cheapest private education mind you, when there are no special priviledges associated with private education. You’re going to end up asking if someone wants fries with that as you fantasize about working in your chosen field of 13th century basket weaving.

According to a recently Vault.com article, only 56 percent of the 2010 class has worked at least one job since graduation and only 52 percent of grads between 2006 and 2010 took jobs that required their expensive four-year degree. Even Ivy League brass are working in an unintended field or in no field for that matter. One third of the creme de la creme of college education may still be living at home, desperate for parental dollars for support.

The author of this article deducts that grad school is the new college and that many look to employ people with grad school under the auspice that new-hires can hack it with the traditional bachelor’s degree. I couldn’t disagree more. Sure, a graduate degree might make you stick out to some, but to the vast majority, you’ll appear as an over-educated, high achiever that is either going to run as soon as a better job comes along or take the hiring’s manager’s job from him.

The author also suggests that “older folks” are deducting from previously mentioned stats that us young folk aren’t willing to claw our way up to the top by starting out with menial work now. We want it all RIGHT NOW. In other words, we’re just too damn priviledged and lazy to do any of that real work associated with building a career and want, want, want the top positions now.



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May 23, 2011 at 10:07 am

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  1. Hi. I moved to Florida a year ago thinking with my experience finding a job would be easy. I was so wrong. I found a part-time job and the pay was a joke. I than moved on to another job with a .50 pay increase but was told it would become full-time. Well in the end I was told that the position they hired me for wasn’t going to happen. Oh, and by the way I want you to know that your not on the schedule next week. This was done over the phone. However, we are having a meeting next Wednesday if you want to travel to the other location. Next comment was; I guess you will be looking for work. Florida sure has a very unprofessional approach. One more thing. This place thinks they can have staff meetings and not pay you for attending them. Well, here I am sending my resume out and praying for someone to call. I had a great job up north but the winters were just to cold for me. Maybe I made a big mistake.


    June 2, 2011 at 9:31 pm

  2. I stumbled on your blog out of frustration. Litterally typed “I cant find a job” into google. I also created a blog for the same reasons as you- but feared that if a potential employee found it, they would think I was a complaining %$#%#$%. I seem to be following in your footsteps – graduated this may from a public university and having trouble finding a job. And I get defensive to myself- questioning is it me being lazy? Im not quite sure what else I can do as I am short of stalking potential HR people. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and made my education my top priority— little did I know that that really doesn’t count for shit and its all about the experience. I had one amazing internship- but now I regret only having one. I have no clue if the fact that I am still jobless 2 months out of school is due to laziness– every day its the same shit– wake up, apply for new jobs, write cover letters, follow up on the few leads, the next thing I know its 6 pm. I fly all over the US to only get rejected. My confidence is nearly shot– I don’t get how so many people tell me I am going places, I am going to be the next CEO of something, but I cant score an entry level job ANYWHERE. I’m not asking for a lot. I don’t care about $$$ right now. All i’m looking for is a chance to learn as much as I can for experience and opportunity for advancement (it doesnt have to be at my first job– but id like my first job to give me an edge when looking for another – hence valuable, relevant experience). Any advice would be greatly appreciated- i Just created my blog out of frustration and fear that any skills I have will rust away in the process of finding a job….. I’m almost considering grad school.


    June 9, 2011 at 12:55 pm

  3. I could not find a job because I lived in a very poor area of Southern Oregon. I needed money so started to look to the web for some opportunities to make some cash and found Fiverr.com where you can sell pretty much anything you want for $5.

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    In the past two months my sales on Fiverr.com went from 1-2 orders a day to 20-30 orders day. I had such great success that I made this awesome 51 page guide.

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    Thanks and good luck starting your online business.


    January 14, 2012 at 11:51 pm

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