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It’s Not My Fault MTV Created “Jersey Shore”

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I came across an article on MSNBC talking about the same old stuff that every other article on the subject has mentioned. Let me make it simple.

Gen Y – recent grads, no jobs, no money, lots of loans, living with Mom & Dad, underemployed, unemployed, and no end in sight.

Gen X/Millennials – 30-40 yrs old, economic troubles, also face layoffs/unemployment, and find it difficult to get a job.

Older generation – least affected group, generally cranky, hates Gen Y, and will not hire any recent grads do to their Jersey Shore-inspired opinion of Gen Y.

More or less, such was the gist of the article. However, what struck me were the comments left by readers at the end of the article. If you, meaning you younger folks that just graduated and are ready to spread your wings, can’t find a job, here’s why:

“I have been constantly frustrated with the lack of work ethic of the Gen Y or young Gen Xers. They don’t know how to arrive on time and everyone else becomes put behind schedule because they aren’t doing their part of the task at hand. When they get to work they are constantly on their cells,texting or going online during company time. I have opted to doing more of the work myself,it gives me less free time but at least I know it will be done right”

“An example of how these Gen Yers are in fact narcissists. A summer intern called me to rearrange MY schedule for the next day so that he could come in late. Seems he had a party to go to that night and knew he would be out late and drink too much! His exact words.”

“Too many people getting college degrees with worthless majors and then expecting to land a job that requires little real work while providing lots of pay. Not going to happen. These over-educated under-skilled people should have apprenticed as a plumber, or went to trade school to be an auto mechanic. Sewer workers are in high demand. Experienced pipeline welders are in demand. Not much demand for literary journalists.”

“What I have seen from the Gen Y folks is a propensity to get college degrees and then not use them. Also they expect when they graduate from college that companies will pay them 6 figure incomes straight out of college with no experience. I don’t think they are taught or shown how to write a resume that will get you an interview. If they do happen to make it to an interview, they certainly don’t know how to answer questions without saying like, man, or and-uh alot. I don’t see alot of ambition in this generation to do what needs to be done to not only survive on their own, but be successful.”

I can’t speak for others in my generation but I can tell you that I’m hardworking, sincere, and dedicated. I’m not one of these “I can’t make tomorrow’s meeting because I have to go tanning” types. I busted my ass to get the modicum of “success” I’ve achieved and quite frankly, it’s left me a little bitter. Its left me bitter because I haven’t “made it” to any reasonable level worthy of my education. Its also left me bitter because I see incompetents, so-called “experienced workers” in high positions that are remarkably clueless and idiotic. Yet they are the same people that would label me as “unqualified” or “inexperienced.” Ridiculous.



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July 29, 2010 at 8:27 pm

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