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The Job Interview

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Although I currently have a job and it’s in my field, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. It’s not a job I can do long-term as the pay prohibits me from ever taking that “next step” – marriage, house, etc. Plus, it completely undervalues my education and provides me with absolutely no growth opportunity. I’m grateful to have a job in a horrible economy and get excellent benefits to boot. However, my goals require more – more opportunity, more money, and more job satisfaction. A while ago I had an interview that I was incredibly excited about. It seemed like a great opportunity for a position that was exactly what I was looking for. I pulled “ninja tactics” to land an interview as without doing such, I more than likely would have submitted another resume to the online black hole and have given the elves in Narnia another digital document to put in their pipe.

I made sure my suit was in order and made sure my tie knot was perfect. I gathered my portfolio and assembled it with all the necessities – pen, resume, paper. I made the arduous commute to the location of the interview and waited outside until I spoke with the person I had the interview via cell phone. She had someone come get me outside the building (the doors were locked) and led me in. I was handed a paper application and was told to fill it out. Didn’t I spend 30 minutes 2 weeks ago filling out a digital application that has more information than this sheet even asks for? Regardless, I diligently filled out the sheet ad nauseum…name, address, education, etc.

The lady I had the interview with led me to a vacant office, asked for a copy of my resume, and began the interview. I did well, answered everything effectively, and she was courteous enough to listen to me chat. However, I knew the interview was over 3 minutes in. How? She suggested a lower-level role as I did not have the “experience” necessary for the position I applied for. Didn’t she read my resume prior to inviting me in? Why make me trek in for nothing? And the position she suggested I consider is basically a walk-in-off-the-street type of position that would pay less, require more, and provide me with a terrible commute as compared to what I currently have. The interview was over 20 minute later and she thanked me for coming in. I didn’t press things as I knew in my head she wasn’t interested and I wouldn’t hear from her. I politely left and cursed under my breath as I walked out.



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June 16, 2010 at 5:18 pm

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