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Trendy Recession?

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frustrationHas the recession become trendy? Everybody seems eager to share their stories as to how the recession has affected their lives or the life of someone they know. What used to be water cooler talk involving the latest sports game or celebrity that wasn’t wearing underwear has now become discussion over dwindling 401ks, inflation, job security, and other economic fears. And even if one wasn’t affected by the recession, a lot of people seem desperately trying to take part in it like they would any other fad. Everybody wants to relate hard-time stories of the economic downturn to themselves or their family.

Nothing makes me angrier than talking to some schlep about something directly or indirectly related to the recession only to have them mindlessly blurt out recessionisms like, “It’s tough out there!” or “401ks are really taking a beating these days, huh?” Usually these statements are followed by poorly associated comments on how the recession affected them like how their company is only matching 4.5% of their 401k instead of 5% like they usually would. Excuse me when I throw you a pity party.

So to everybody out there that wants to share war stories with their grandchildren one day about the present global economic crisis when in fact they have no war stories to share, please stop. It’s annoying and blatantly obvious the economy hasn’t affected you. You didn’t lose your job. You didn’t lose your retirement. You don’t work a job that you are immensely overqualified for because, heck, it’s the only thing on the horizon. You didn’t just graduate with $100,000 of student loans that are now coming due with no job in your immediate future. You drive two luxury vehicles, comfortably pay your mortgage every month, and probably work in a company with no sign of job instability, so stop whining and keep quiet. In fact, you’ll probably get a Christmas bonus this year. Don’t try and relate to those that are actually affected by this crisis. It’s cheap and painfully transparent.



Written by icantfindajob

October 28, 2009 at 5:28 pm

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