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Sorry, I Didn’t Mean to Sneeze On Your Cubicle

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tissuesI came across an old Business Week article discussing the merits, or lack there of, of heading off into work while you’re under the weather. Basically, the article states that going into work when you’re sick is totally the wrong thing to do. The author points out that it’s unfair to your clients, co-workers and their families, and to corporate health costs. The author states that a prudent and reasonable manager will make arrangements when you call in sick and appreciate your efforts to avoid getting others sick.

Keep in mind that this guy also has a PhD, which means he doesn’t live in reality but rather a world of a theory – a world of how things should be.

Workers shouldn’t have to go in sick for all the above reasons and more. Staying home will allow employees to not only be more comfortable but also recuperate faster. And ask anyone that ever went to work sick if they were productive on the job as they were sneezing and hallucinating with a fever. A resounding “no” would be in order from nearly everybody asked.

So what’s the problem? If it makes so much sense for people to stay home when they are sick, then why don’t people just stay home? A lot of people don’t get sick days and simply cannot afford the financial impact that missing a days pay will have. Others have job insecurity and have tremendous amounts of job-related stress when they call out. That is, they fear that calling out will somehow impact their job security or long-term performance ratings, direly affecting their finances and career.

I know I don’t appreciate it when co-workers come into work sick because I don’t want to get sick. I’m that guy that Purells my hands more than is probably good for you. Shake my hand as you tell me how bad your cold is? Guess where I’m heading? Straight to the bathroom to wash my damn hands as I mutter how much of a jackass you are for sharing your germs with me. I’m that guy that gets into a cold-sweat when I sit in the barbers chair and he starts telling me about his fever as his hands are ALL OVER MY HEAD!

What has this country become? Why can’t people do that old-fashioned thing of nursing themselves when they’re not well? It all boils down to CORPORATE GREED.

Employers don’t want to pay for sick days. Employers do not want productivity to be diminished. And employers don’t appreciate so-called “underperformers” when they call out sick because if they were A-players, they would put the company before their own health, right?

What do you think? Do you have any work-related horror stories about sick co-workers or trudging into work sick yourself? Do share!


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October 31, 2009 at 1:32 pm

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Happy Halloween!

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halloween BOO!

Have a Happy Halloween!

For all you older ghouls, don’t drink and drive like an idiot after your Halloween party.

For all you younger goblins, try not to eat any apples with razor blades in them. Remember, eat only pre-packaged food and inspect it before eating it unless you want to have a spooky time at the ER!

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October 31, 2009 at 1:24 pm

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Hello John Mayer Fans?

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XXX _JOHN MAYER GAP 1669.JPGOne of the things I do “behind the scenes” is incessantly check website stats and where people are coming from. Well, needless to say I was a little surprised when I received traffic from John Mayer’s Facebook page. I never posted anything on there yet I received a handful of visits from his Facebook.

I’ve been looking on his Facebook page for a link but cannot find anything. Anybody that can find where I’m linked to on his page gets 100 points (not good for anything). It seems to have come from under the “music” tab on his page.

Leave a comment if you can figure it out.

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October 29, 2009 at 6:23 pm

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Trendy Recession?

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frustrationHas the recession become trendy? Everybody seems eager to share their stories as to how the recession has affected their lives or the life of someone they know. What used to be water cooler talk involving the latest sports game or celebrity that wasn’t wearing underwear has now become discussion over dwindling 401ks, inflation, job security, and other economic fears. And even if one wasn’t affected by the recession, a lot of people seem desperately trying to take part in it like they would any other fad. Everybody wants to relate hard-time stories of the economic downturn to themselves or their family.

Nothing makes me angrier than talking to some schlep about something directly or indirectly related to the recession only to have them mindlessly blurt out recessionisms like, “It’s tough out there!” or “401ks are really taking a beating these days, huh?” Usually these statements are followed by poorly associated comments on how the recession affected them like how their company is only matching 4.5% of their 401k instead of 5% like they usually would. Excuse me when I throw you a pity party.

So to everybody out there that wants to share war stories with their grandchildren one day about the present global economic crisis when in fact they have no war stories to share, please stop. It’s annoying and blatantly obvious the economy hasn’t affected you. You didn’t lose your job. You didn’t lose your retirement. You don’t work a job that you are immensely overqualified for because, heck, it’s the only thing on the horizon. You didn’t just graduate with $100,000 of student loans that are now coming due with no job in your immediate future. You drive two luxury vehicles, comfortably pay your mortgage every month, and probably work in a company with no sign of job instability, so stop whining and keep quiet. In fact, you’ll probably get a Christmas bonus this year. Don’t try and relate to those that are actually affected by this crisis. It’s cheap and painfully transparent.


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October 28, 2009 at 5:28 pm

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How to Ruin Fun Events & Have Everybody Hate You

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spookyWhat do you do when you go to a haunted house and a monster spooks you? Well, if you’re off duty Baltimore City, MD Sgt. Eric Janik, you pull a gun on the haunted house employee. The employee was dressed up as a character from the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and wanted to get “one last scream” out of the veteran off-duty police officer. That’s when the cop pulled out a gun and pointed it at the employee’s chest, making the employee drop his prop chainsaw.

The employee, Michael Morrison, said, “I was doing my normal scene at the haunted house, and as I was going out the backdoor with the chainsaw, the officer pulled his gun on me. Basically, he put his gun to my chest and as I was going back in, he said he was a cop.”

This cop must be the life of the party at every function he attends. What does he do at Christmas when Uncle Ed dresses up as Santa and pretends to come through the chimney for the kids? Grab him by the throat and wrestle him to the ground?

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October 27, 2009 at 5:04 pm

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Can’t Find A Job? How About Executioner?

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executionerIf you’re one of the many Americans looking for work in run-of-the-mill fields like accounting, manufacturing, and the like, you might want to consider another field. How about executioner (sort of)? In what would be the first arrangement of its kind, officials are thinking about privatizing one of Arizona’s most secure and dangerous prisons, included of which is the prison’s death row. These death row inmates – those sentenced to death for the most heinous of crimes –would have their executions carried out by the state, though day to day life for those on death row would be managed by the private company. No private company has ever run a prison that housed those sentenced to death. Notorious for their violence and lack of deference, death row inmates pose special challenges that many feel private prison contractors would have a hard time dealing with. The privatization is expected to save the state of Arizona $100 million dollars.

Would you be up for the job of guarding some of America’s most dangerous and hardened criminals for less than you would make if you worked for the state? You can make good money working for the state as a corrections officer but private companies often pay relatively poorly compared to state guards. Thoughts?

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October 26, 2009 at 4:23 pm

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cellphoneThe New York Post is reporting that a first-of-its-kind study linked cell phone usage to brain tumors. The $30 million dollar study has prompted serious concern as the World Health Organization is posed to announce the results of the study. This shocking study comes after years of assurance by cell phone companies and scientists that cell phone usage is safe.

The study reported a significantly increased risk for brain tumors related to use of mobile phones for 10 years or more. The study was conducted in 13 countries and researchers interviewed 12,800 people (some who had brain tumors and other healthy cell phone users).

I never thought cell phone use was harmless. I knew that it couldn’t be good for you but always questioned how bad it truly was. I always thought that people that believed the crap cell phone companies were feeding them were naïve. How could a device that is put directly against your head, that emits radiation, not be harmful in some way?

What do you think about this most recent study? How do you normally use your cell phone? Will you be changing your cell phone habits as a result of these new results?

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October 25, 2009 at 9:12 am

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