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recent gradI was reading an article on MSN Money about the fact that more and more college grads are moving back home instead of spreading their wings and moving out on their own. In fact, 2009 is seeing the worse numbers with nearly 80% of college grads moving back in with their parents due to an inability to find viable employment. This is up from 67% in 2006.

However, those stats are not my gripe (though they are surely indicative of the tough job market recent grads are facing). My frustration lies in the readers’ comments section whereby readers bashed recent grads and higher education in general.

One moron wrote:

“I am the Sr Director of Corporate Recruiting at a large Healthcare Marketing Firm and over the past 7 years I’ve came across too many snotty new grads that think I owe them a 60K+ salary plus commission, which is unbelievable!!! What they don’t realize, is they haven’t proved themselves yet despite being able to read a book. Don’t get me wrong, a BA/BS degree is great and all, but that doesn’t entitle them to a high starting salary. I’ve come across individuals whom have masters and doctorates and they turned out to be totally flops. I’ sure they were great at school but they were incapable of functioning in a real work environment. Give me experience over education any day!!!!!!!!”

Another jackass wrote, “A bunch of college grads now a days are pretty worthless…As a former Supervisor, I wouldn’t hire a fresh college grad. I’d rather hire an older fellow with a HS or AA degree first.”

Lastly, another intellectual commented, ”The degree doesn’t mean a thing if you haven’t done any real work yet.”

My response in the comments section was:

A lot of these comments, especially the one from a “director” or a healthcare marketing firm, are laughable. Does a college degree or higher mean that the potential hire will be a shining star? No, but neither does having experience as the person with experience can be just a big of an idiot or flop as a recent college grad. People can and do BS their way through their careers without really learning their field or applying themselves.

While some college grads may have unrealistic expectations, there are plenty that don’t and just want the ever-elusive chance to prove themselves that hard-headed hiring managers never give them as they incessantly dwell on experience when reviewing resumes.

To elaborate further, these people act as if they were born in a suit and tie as a corporate executive with 20 years of experience. They fail to acknowledge that somebody took a chance on them when their green and inexperienced resume came across a hiring manager’s desk. Now, with the roles reversed, they incessantly bang their desks demanding experience, experience, experience from 22-year-old recent college grads that have done nothing more than follow the status-quo and are hearing the same thing from other unrealistic HR departments.

Take time with recent grads, give them a chance, and show them the ropes. You might be surprised.


Written by icantfindajob

July 27, 2009 at 11:00 am

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  1. Yeesh! Those are some pretty harsh comments about my peers (and by proxy, me). It’s the age old experience catch-22: you can’t get experience until someone takes a chance on you, and no one will take a chance on you until you’ve got experience. I’m ready to work hard and prove myself… I just have to find someone willing to take that chance on me!

    Stephanie PTY

    July 27, 2009 at 2:19 pm

  2. I totally agree but its incredible how many people have forgotten that there is always some risk in employing a person and that its a bit of a gamble either way. Its also astounding how far they will go to try to aviod taking any chances like hiring people from within the company that are useless and spending ridiculous amounts of money on HR and recruiters. There is osme truth that univeristy graduates think they will waltz into big job but in my experience, most of us a disabused of this notion quite quickley but are then eager to pay our dues and prove that the university years are worth something in the workplace. Check out my blog for funny job search anecdotes! http://polonytimes.blogspot.com/


    August 13, 2009 at 7:03 pm

  3. Yes more college grads are moving home. They had different expectations when they entered college 4 years ago and the economic climate has changed dramatically. They were, in most cases, not trained during school for the difficult process of finding a job. Career services provide a sweeping overview in trying to help. Do you remember the college application process? Well, the job application process is in fact more detailed and there is less room for error.
    If you want to explore a program that can enhance your chances of finding the job you want and guide you through the process, I suggest you check out JobTutors. It beats sitting home and hoping for something to fall out of the sky.

    Steve Harvey

    October 14, 2009 at 11:20 am

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