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tokudaFor those that have retired from illustrious careers and now have to decide what to do with their rest of their lives, consider the story of Shigeo Tokuda. After graduating from an elite college in Japan and working as a travel agent, he decided at the age of 59 to pursue a rather unusual career. Feeling he could make better adult movies than he was seeing, he decided at 59-years-old (young?) that he’d become an adult film star. On the set of his latest movie where he was posed to have sex with a woman younger than his daughter, Tokuda claimed he “acted” with women in their 20s to old-farts like himself.

Rising to the top of Japanese elder-porn (!?), Tokuda claims that his wife and daughter are not aware of his secret career.

Insisting that his job keeps him alive, he wishes to keep going until at least 80 years old.

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April 17, 2009 at 10:48 am

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