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Blockbuster Going Bankrupt?

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blockbusterAccording to MSN Money, Blockbuster is rumored to be milling a bankruptcy filing as the company has hired lawyers to explore such a course of action.

Blockbuster has been hit hard by Netflix and other movie services that have taken a large portion of Blockbuster’s customer base.

Personally, I like Blockbuster. I like going into a movie store, browsing the titles, and walking about with my movies. Plus, being that I’m searching for a job, it gives me something to do in the middle of the day in between job searching. It’ll be interesting to see if Blockbuster can survive in the ever-changing movie rental business.

Blockbuster has 7,500 stores worldwide and figuring that at least 10 employees work at each store, that would mean 75,000 more people out of work in the global economy.

If you were Blockbuster, what would you do to keep afloat? Make it a convenience/movie rental store? Add hot food options?


Written by icantfindajob

March 4, 2009 at 8:55 am

Posted in Bad Business

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  1. I think I would lower the price for rentals and lower the price of new movies to compete with big-box retailers like walmart. Also, the whole idea of selling books at blockbuster never really made sense to me. I personally like going into blockbuster as well, but have weighed the option of netflix since the movies are instant through our xbox.


    August 27, 2010 at 4:35 pm

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