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The Interview That Never Was

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lifeThis past week I was searching the online job posting mediums and a listing caught my attention.

The job was listed as a temporary job but it was in a field that was related to my degree. Although I wasn’t crazy about the temporary nature of the job, I figured I would apply anyway, just to see what happens. I’ve been searching for about a solid month now and haven’t had any worthwhile leads or responses.

I applied at 4:30 PM and much to my surprise, I receive a call from an unfamiliar number at 4:45 PM. I hesitantly answered the call (I’m not interested in switching long-distance providers, thank you) and found out that it’s the staffing agency I submitted my resume to. Oh great! This must be a horrible job if I am getting a call 15 minutes after I submitted my resume. I convince myself to be more open minded and that door-to-door knife sales could be something I could grow to love (sarcasm).

The lady, whose name I did not catch because she was talking way too fast, informed me that it was a temp-to-hire job and she put temporary in there to deter a certain group of applicants (still don’t know who she was trying to deter).

“The company wants a little bit of experience, but not too much. You don’t have any, but you have a master’s degree. I think you might be a good fit,” says the lady who sounds like she’s on her tenth pot of coffee.


“I’d like to schedule an interview. When are you available?” the lady frantically asks.

“I can interview Friday afternoon (two days after the day I receive the phone call),” I respond as I explain to the lady that I work part-almost-full-time.

“I was hoping for something sooner. But I’ll see if Friday works, I’ll check with my manager.”

“Okay, if it is an issue, call me back and perhaps I can arrange otherwise.”

The next day I receive an e-mail on my Blackberry when I’m work informing me that her manager would like someone with “a little more experience.”

Entry-level jobs: overqualified.

Jobs with “a little experience”: under experienced

Retail customer service with a master’s degree: just perfect.



Written by icantfindajob

March 1, 2009 at 7:16 am

Posted in Interviews

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