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Like all men that predated me, I figured that as a competent, determined, socially-adjusted, and well-educated young man, I’d be able to find a job when the time was right.  Not just any job but a job worthy of a above-average education that doesn’t involve get rich quick schemes (“Send us $1,000 and you’ll make millions stuffing envelopes from home!”) or experimental pharmaceutical testing (It never seemed like an worthy tradeoff – $200 for temporary blindness, vomiting, and kidney failure?  No thanks!).  Seemingly the more education one got, the better chances this person stood in the job market, right?  That’s what conventional wisdom and academia would lead you to believe.  Educate.  Educate.  Educate.  And reap the rewards right out of school with a great job and the guilty pleasure knowing that you have a higher degree than most of the people you come across.  The axiom, “If you build it, he will come,” made popular by the movie Field of Dreams was the driving factor behind my education.  If you just get yourself an education, the rest will come.  All of life’s intricacies will simply fall into place and solve themselves.  Homes, cars, money, and jobs will all be in abundance if you simply study hard and do well. 

Well, I’m living proof that the above notion IS CRAP!  I am a post-graduate educated man (Master’s degree) that has been on the job market for about a month and applied to over a dozen jobs relating to my degree and haven’t had any worthy responses.  I work part-time at a big-box retailer in a customer service position where “high school or G.E.D. is preferred.”  Despite actually having a high school degree, I went to school for SIX YEARS after high school and can’t manage to find a job worth a damn.

I’ve educated myself out of the job market job market as I have no real-world experience yet I have a higher education than 99% of the people I’m interviewing with.  This blog will chronicle my search for a job that pays me more than $12 an hour.


Written by icantfindajob

February 7, 2009 at 9:54 pm

Posted in Housekeeping

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